Updated: Jan 28

In this article, we will learn the calibration of the FF - Foundation Fieldbus type temperature transmitter. The calibration of the FF type transmitter is different than SMART transmitter as FF type provide totally digital communication.

Here you can use any calibrator like Beamex MC6, Emerson's Trex or any other calibrator which has an option of Fieldbus.

Here, I have used a temperature block to provide accurate calibration which will compare with 10 multiple accurate temperature sensors. The cable is used to provide communication between block and calibrator.

Power is taken from the calibrator. If your calibrator doesn't have that facility then use a separate power supply.

In our case let consider calibrator of the Beamex.

Follow the below schematic and do connection as shown in the figure.

Follow the below step for successful calibration procedure :

1. Do connection as shown in the above figure.

2. Turn on a calibrator, in our case Beamex. Choose FF type and enter documenting calibrator.

3. Select range, unit and verify connection as shown on the display.

4. Hit enter or right checkmark to enter in calibration environment.

5. Hit "START" to start the process.

6. It automatically starts to heat up the temperature sensor as per our set points. For example in our case, a range is 0-100 degree and our test point are 0 degrees, 50 degree and 100 degrees. It automatically does the process in both ascending and descending orders.

7. As per our defined tolerance range, if point goes out of the range, it will show failed and you have to adjust input or output.

8. After adjustment, follow the above points and you are done with calibration. You can generate a copy of your as found and as left calibration.

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