This article is about the calibration of current to pressure transducer widely used in industries.

1. Pressure Gauge

2. mA source

3. i/p converter

In this calibration procedure, the power supply doesn't require as mA source here feeds to generate proportional pressure.

Do setup as shown in the figure.

Follow the below step for successful calibration :

1. Remove converter from the process

2. Do the connection of air supply at input side or written as signal and provide 20 psi pressure.

3. Connect mA source meter to feed mA.

4. Apply 4mA of the current signal and check output pressure which is 3 psi in pressure gauge.

5. If the pressure is not 3 psi then adjust zero.

6. Now apply 20 mA and check pressure which should be at 15 psi.

7. If any error is there then adjust the span screw. Adjusting span may result in little change in zero.

8. Reiterate step number 4 again and also check pressure at 8mA, 12mA and 16mA. Do adjustment if required.

After calibration reconnects converter in the process again.

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