Today we will be talking about calibration of the magnetostrictive level transmitter.

In my old article, I have a cover-up a detailed explanation about the magnetostrictive transmitter. Link is attached below,

Now let's dig into our article.

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Nowadays all the transmitter are a SMART type comes with an easy keypad interface, calibration of this type of transmitter is a matter of pressing keypad and you all done with calibration.

Follow the below step for the successful calibration,

1. For LRV keep tank level at 0% level which equals 4mA output. Use your manual to enter in calibration mode. Now by observing level at 0% hit the keypad to set output at 4 mA.

2. For URV set level of the tank at 100% which is equal to 20 mA. By observing level is perfectly at 100% use your keypad to set output at 20 mA.

3. Check output at 25%, 50% and 75% too.

4. Repeat the above step for better accuracy.

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