Select two buffer with an expected sample of PH. For greater accuracy, we can use more buffer for a wider range of PH.

Follow the below step for the calibration,

1. First, remove the electrode from the process and clean it with pure water then dry an electrode with tissue paper. Now use buffer solution with a PH of 7. Calibrate meter to read temperature corrected value of the first buffer. (we can use another solution too.)

- Allow reading to be stable now by using cal key enter the PH value of the buffer solution.

2. Remove the electrode from the buffer and rinse it with water, dry it using tissue paper and insert the electrode in the second buffer.

- Allow reading to be stable. Enter the value of the second buffer solution using cal key and our calibration is done.

Some tips for PH calibration :

1. In every calibration of PH use fresh PH buffers.

2. Calibration slope should be in between 95-102 %

3. Stir buffer solution before inserting the electrode.

4. Use insulation or calibrate it in room temperature to prevent buffer solution from heating.

5. Don't rub or wipe the electrode bulb.

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