In this article, we will discuss the calibration of the pressure switch.

Required Equipment :

1. Multimeter

2. Pressure switch

3. Hand pump

4. Pressure gauge

Do the connection as shown in the figure.

Follow the below step for successful calibration:

1. Remove pressure switch from the process.

2. Do the connection as shown in the figure.

3. Connect air supply and multimeter in continuity to see changeover of the contacts.

4. Increase pressure slowly till it reaches a set point. When multimeter changes from NO to NC it beeps, write down reading as rising pressure. Do the adjustment if required.

5. Reduce pressure slowly and a point where beep stops, note that point as falling pressure. If an error exists then adjust the screw.

6. Repeat above step until desired value not obtained.

7. Calculate the difference between rising and falling pressure which is known as a "dead band".

8. A dead band should be equal or less than of the manufactures dead band.

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