Updated: Nov 11, 2020

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In this article, we will discuss the future of the automation field and how to land a job into the automation field.

When you talk about automation, let me tell you a definition of automation. Automation means to perform a task without human interface.

Future of the automation is eternal because of increment in IOT, Machine learning and artificial intelligence have increased.

To work with artificial intelligence and machine learning you have to be an expert in all programming like python, R, SQL, SAS, etc. For that, you have to enroll into the data science field. A person from any field can join the data science field only on the condition and that is if they keep a keen interest in learning programming languages.

As I am an instrumentation engineer, I will be more discussing about process automation. People from electrical, instrumentation and electronics field can make an automation field as a full-time career.

If you talk about process automation you know that what things come to our mind and that is PLC, SCADA, HMI and DCS.

As per the brand, they contain their own programming language. Like in PLC you can work with programming language like ladder, FBD, SFC, CFC, Structure text, Instruction List. In DCS mainly FBD is used, but if you know about DCS of siemens then you may know that they use CFC and SFC languages.

With the introduction in industrial revolution 4.0, you need to stay more upgraded in learning programming languages apart from above-mentioned languages. You must learn R and python also. There are multiple courses available on udemy to advanced your skills. I will provide a link of all the courses at the end of this post.


- Do follow below step if you seriously want to become professional in the field of the automation.

1) If you have knowledge about programming language and it's software interface then you can join a system house. Simple search system house of Siemens, Rockwell, etc. on the google. Visit the company website and apply there.

2) If you are a beginner and do not have any idea about programming, but still wants to learn to program then join a well-known institute. but I recommend you to visit udemy and search for the course you like to do.

3) After completing a course, apply for the job at system houses. If you join any institution then one advantage they provide is by offering the placement. Go for an interview and be ready with whatever you have learned from the institute.

4) If you are a fresher then I request you to not look at the salary. If you find that company is good to go then please go for it without thinking about salary. Do hard work and learn as much you can, which will help you to grow faster and lead to promotion.

5) If you are not fresher and still wants to become a programmer then I highly recommend you to join realpars and udemy to learn a skill what you require. Increase your learning time and upgrade your skill to the next level.

List of the course you can find on udemy still, I am providing you with a link.


2. (Best to learn Allen Bradley PLC)

3. (You can learn 5 types of the PLC) best course to buy)

4. (Siemens s7-1200)


6. (OOCP)

7. (To learn about SCADA)

8. (Omron PLC)

9. (Delta PLC)

10. (Best place to learn in-depth PLC programming, HMI, DCS of the Siemens)

These above-mentioned courses are the top-rated course on udemy platform. If you really keep keen interest then do not forget to join.

A company which provide a job at starting level. but you must learn before applying there.


2. Automation System Engineers Pvt Ltd





These are few but there are many more which you can find on google.

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