Updated: May 26

Beamex is a producer of different type of calibrator. They provide a wide range of solution for the calibration. Click on Beamex to know more about them and their category of instrument calibration.

Here, in this article, we will be going to learn about Beamex MC6 calibrator and how to work with it.

In a recent post, I have covered an article on the calibration of level, pressure, temperature and flow transmitter. Click on each to know more about calibration.

Using Beamex MC6 you can calibrate HART type, Foundation Fieldbus type and Profibus type transmitter.

You can also calibrate different types of switches and can generate all the report of calibration.

Using Beamex MC6 you can provide power from the calibrator itself, You doesn't require an external power source.

In the below figure you can see the connection for the pressure module mounted on the top of the calibrator.

Here, in below figure connection for the Ethernet and USB to transfer data PC. Using the USB connection you can connect it with Temperature block using USB to the serial communication module.

Here, in the below figure, you can see all the connection point for thermocouple and RTD. You can two thermocouples at the same time.

Different modes are available on the display where you can access everything.




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