Here I will cover some interesting topic on valve one is stem lubricator and other is bellow seal.


- Due to the long run application of the valve and in preventive maintenance check we found valve is still okay but require lubrication.

- For such issue you don't need to remove the valve from the process instead, the valve contains one special port to provide lubrication.

- Now to provide lubrication inside stem packing lubricator may be connected to lubrication port on the bonnet as shown in below image.

As you can see this lubricator contain long threaded bolt to push grease into the valve packing assembly.


- To operate lubricator first you have to close the position using hand valve, You can clearly see in the figure in parallel with lubricator.

- After closing the position remove that threaded bolt until it falls out from the lubricator body.

- Put in grease into that bolt hole, after this process inserts bolt again. Use a wrench to tighten it up so pressure can be generated.

- Open hand valve slowly which allow grease to enter in valve packing assembly. Do it till you fully screwed up a bolt.

- Fully shut the hand valve to prevent the leak.


- We all are familiar with valve packing used to prevent leak, Now here is another approach in packing is called bellow seal.

- Where in some process we need extra care due to its fatal application some valve assembly needs extra seal with packing assembly.

- In such an application with bellow seal on above, there is a small hall which used to note leak indication.

- Bellow is an uninterrupted metal tube used accordion-like metal which has the ability to stretch and compress sliding stem's linear motion which won't allow leak.

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