What is Block Flow Diagram?

In this article, we will learn about Block Flow Diagram or functional flow block diagram with function flow block diagram example. Block Flow Diagram maker software is available to draw flow diagram.

In the last article, I gave you a brief introduction on eight types of instrumentation documentation or you can say it instrument design documents.

The Block flow diagram is used for chemical processes used to simplify and understand the basic structure of the system.

A block flow diagram is the simplest drawing used in the industry which represents single equipment to the entire plant.

Block Flow Diagram:

As the name implies, Block flow diagram represented in a block. There are some sections in it which we learn in detail.

Uses: To create BFD is the first step in developing a chemical process. Different perspective and alternative also compared to BFD's.

A block flow diagram is useful for reports, textbooks and for presentations when a process flow diagram is too difficult.

To read a block flow diagram is easy as a person with little experience can easily understand the process.

Model: Block flow diagram can come in different style and form. they can be easy to read or can be more complex based on process structure.

I/O Diagram: In a block flow diagram, I/O diagram provides detail of material entering and exiting process.

You can represent it by a square box and arrows to represent inputs and outputs. Below is a simple representation of I/O diagram.

Block Flow Plant Diagram: A block flow plant diagram represents general material flow throughout the entire plant.

Using block flow diagram one can easily run through important operation zones of a chemical facility.

Block Flow Process Diagram: In this diagram, you can see a particular section or area of a chemical plant which represent inside blocks and give you more focus on a section of the process.

Things need to remember for Block Flow Diagram making:

1. Operation or equipment represents using blocks

2. Material flows are represented with a straight line.

3. Arrow represent a direction of flow.

4. LInes are horizontal and vertical with turns at 90 degrees.

5. Flow fo from left to right.

6. Light stream like gases stays closer to the BFD than a heavier stream like liquids.

Have a look at one example of Block flow diagram as shown in the below image.

In the below-attached image, you can see the simplest form of block diagram represents a chemical process.

Hope you like this article on a Block flow diagram with an example. If you have any questions then put down in the below comment section.

Image credit: From the unknown book of instrument document.

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